Our complete system for invoice management.

This is Anysys Invoice

Anysys Invoice is a complete web-based system for managing your supplier invoices. The service contains functions for all aspects of invoice processing. This means that you get a partner who can help you from start to finish. Both automatic import and interpretation as well as tools for review, assigning account codes, matching and archiving are included. To ensure quality, we develop solutions to easily add Anysys Invoice to your financial system. It is always done in close cooperation with the right system owner or partner. If you need help, as a user you can create a support case directly in the system.

Ikon för Features


1 / Importing

Each company in Anysys is assigned its own email address for importing invoices. Invoices to be imported are sent or forwarded to this. Automatic import of e-invoices can also be activated. When importing, the invoice is linked to the correct supplier and the system reads in all relevant information from the invoice – including markings such as project, order number or purchase number. Easily add rules to get proposals for accounting and which people should review and certify the invoice.

2 / Review and registration

Once in the service, all invoice information captured by the system is reviewed. Validation and review of interpretation results takes place in the same view as other steps – no other application is required. With the help of built-in tools, you can easily check data, make changes and approve and send the invoice for certification. Assigning account codes, periodization, matching against purchase orders or connecting to projects or orders becomes smooth thanks to rules and other built-in tools.

3 / Purchase order matching

Purchase order numbers are captured from the invoice or entered manually and are then used to read information about the purchase and deliveries directly from the financial system. Anysys identifies the delivery lines that the invoice refers to and links these to the invoice. If the information is correct, the invoice is ready for certification/assigning account codes. If not, corrections are easily performed in the service.

4 / Assigning, reviewing and certifying

To speed up the processing time, the invoice can be sent to and handled by several people at the same time. Examiners and certifiers can approve all or parts of the invoice. If your attestation rules require that each accounting line be reviewed/attested by different people, functions for line attestation can be activated. We have support for reading and using conditions linked to account parts from the financial system, otherwise these can be defined in Anysys.

5 / Export and archiving

When the invoice is approved, it is exported to your financial system. There it can be booked provisionally or definitively according to your wishes – of course the invoice image is also included. Directly after export, the invoice is searchable in Anysys’ invoice archive. For example, you can create a report of all invoices from a project, account or supplier directly from Invoice.

Does it work with your financial system?

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Hurray! Anysys' solutions can be added to with your financial system. Remember that variations may occur, talk to us to make sure Anysys can be added to your system.
Unfortunately, Anysys' solutions cannot be integrated with your financial system at the moment, but we are always open to developing our products. Contact us to make a proposal

Benefits for your role

Financial assistant

  • Automatic import and interpretation of invoices
  • Automatic assignment of account codes
  • Rules for circulation flow, periodization and automatic purchase order matching
  • Rights-managed invoice archive for all employees
  • Easier handling of onward billing
  • Facilitates work outside the office


  • Minimize risks of human error e.g. punching errors
  • Ensure that the company's attestation rules are met
  • Use the same posting conditions that are defined in the financial system
  • Ensure the right people can see and manage invoices
  • Streamline the matching of purchase orders with fewer manual procedures

Examiner / certifier

  • Review and certify in a simple web-based system
  • Indexed and searchable invoices in the archive
  • Web access every day - around the clock

Project Manager / Supervisor

  • Web access every day - around the clock
  • Search and view invoices on your mobile, tablet or computer
  • Easier handling of invoices


  • Smooth and efficient purchase order matching with simple tools
  • Ensure that delivery has taken place before the invoice is processed
  • Delivery can be created when managing the invoice

CEO / Owner

  • Search and view invoices on your mobile, tablet or computer
  • Save time and resources
  • Use a modern tool at the technological forefront
  • Ensure that the company's attestation rules are met


  • Archive user for access to supplier invoices during audit
  • Report generator to search and filter invoices

Accounting firm

  • A system for handling supplier invoices that your customers can use regardless of financial system
  • Scalable system for both large and small companies
  • Anysys integration handles both cloud and client-based financial systems

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